Mallorca for Foodies

The Gourmet Scene in Mallorca is not second to any other international cities

With 9 Michelin-star restaurants and 1 Restaurant awarded with 2 Michelin-stars in 2016, the Mallorcan gourmet scene can easily compete with that of Barcelona or Madrid. The island has gradually become one of the most important foodie destinations in Spain and Europe, not just because of the increasing international recognition of the Spanish food but also, and above all, because of the ambition of the local Chefs and their culinary offer.

Local chefs have become more conscious of the importance of locally-sourcing the ingredients they use in their recipes and have started to rescue local varieties and livestock breeds that were at the verge of extinction.

At the same time, driven by this wave of modern-but-traditional way of cooking, another group of restaurants has been opened by chefs coming from mainland or from abroad, developing a nouvelle cuisine inspired by traditional Spanish habits but also by traditions and expertise from all around the world.

It’s the confluence of these two factors, local and global, that is turning Mallorca into one of Spain’s hottest gastro-destinations of the moment.

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